April 8th Kinesio Taping Class

Kinesio Taping Seattle Ballard

April 8th Kinesio Taping Class

Kinesio Taping Class in Seattle

Level 1 Kinesio Taping Class is two hours and is open to any skill level. So, if you are a weekend warrior, a coach, a fitness buff, or engage in any type of physical activity, Level 1 is for you.
Level 2 Kinesio Taping Class is four hours. This advanced training is designed for fitness or health professionals who have a solid foundation in human anatomy. Level 1 required is required before taking level 2, both can be taken on same day.


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New Guidelines for Back Pain – Try These 5 Alternative Therapies First!

natural remedies for back pain, acupuncture and back pain, spinal manipulation and back pain

New American College of Physicians Guideline for Back Pain

massage and back pain, acupuncture and back pain, new guidelines for back pain, natural remedies for back pain, spinal manipulations and back painThe most recent New York Times article about back pain guidelines is making a splash! According to the new guideline, the American College of Physicians now states that people suffering from back pain should try non-pharmacological therapies first. That means opioids, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxants should not be the first line treatments. Moreover, the physicians interviewed say that steroid injections, acetaminophen, and MRI scans are not helpful at all. This is a direct decision to counter the growing opioid epidemic and begin a new way of thinking about pain management.

Try These 5 Things First…

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Acupuncture for Anxiety: a natural and effective option

Acupuncture for Anxiety

When people think about acupuncture, many are not thinking about acupuncture for anxiety! It is becoming common for people to try acupuncture when they have physical pain, but are you aware that acupuncture is helpful for psychological and emotional pain as well. Here are some reasons you should consider acupuncture for natural anxiety treatment.

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Healthy Posture in the Workplace

Kinesio Taping for Healthy Posture

Healthy Posture to Improve your Health

Anything you do for eight hours a day is going to affect your health. That includes ergonomics in the workplace. This guide from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) can tell you how to determine if you have poor posture. And here’s why you should be concerned:

  • Muscle tension: Sitting with your head forward can cause muscles in your neck to strain and become tense, particularly the trapezius muscle. Over the long term, this can change the curvature of your spine, lead to arthritis or decrease your range of motion.
  • Risk of injury: Sitting in a poor posture frequently can harm your lower back by leading to uneven pressure on the lumbar disks. This can make you predisposed to a more significant injury while lifting a heavy object, playing sports, or in a motor vehicle accident.
  • Blood circulation: Sitting for extended periods can pool blood in your legs, leading to swollen ankles and increased risk for varicose veins or a deep-vein thrombosis if other clinical risk factors are present.
  • Decreased confidence: Body language affects your interactions and communication. Sitting with a forward head tilt, rolled-in shoulders, and slouched posture can affect your mood, energy, and confidence. Learn how to become more resilient to stress with Biofeedback training

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4 tools to help Manage Blood Sugar Naturally

Natural Weight Loss Classes

Manage Blood Sugar Naturally

The easiest way to manage blood sugar is to decrease your sugar intake. Look at the ingredients and find foods that are low in sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and modified corn starch. Even “natural” forms of sugar are still sugar and will affect your blood levels. Check out the Fooducate app to scan foods at the grocery store to learn about their quality and how much sugar they contain.

Here are more simple ways to manage blood sugar naturally:

Eat breakfast every day with protein

By eating breakfast every day with a source of protein, you can balance your glucose and have the energy to do the things you love. You’re less likely to be hungry or reach for sugary snack slater in the day. Getting at least 15 grams of protein a couple of times a day can stabilize your blood sugar and even help improve your sleep. Four ounces of cottage cheese or a half-cup of almonds are examples of how you can get to 15 grams of protein pretty quickly. Other great protein sources include quinoa, beans, lean meats, nuts, seeds, yogurt and eggs.

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How to improve your fitness with the 7 Minute Exercise

7 minute Exercise Ballard Fitness Doctor

7 Minute Exercise

Are you a time-conscious adult? Setting exercise goals takes less time than you think: A basic workout can be done in a 7 minute exercise using your own body weight as resistance.

Research from the American College of Sports Medicine supports high-intensity circuit training using one’s own body weight in a routine that takes only 7 minutes. Depending on how much time you have, you can perform this routine once in the morning and 2-3 times later in the day, getting a great workout with great health benefits in less than 30 minutes.

Follow along at home using this YouTube video or using the 7 Minute exercise Workout app available for your iPhone or Android.

Benefits of short-duration high-intensity circuit training

  • Promotes strength in all major muscle groups
  • Balances strength throughout the body
  • Can be modified to increase intensity, endurance or duration
  • Improves insulin sensitivity for blood-sugar regulation to help Lose Weight Naturally
  • Increases circulation and cardiovascular benefits
  • Supports overall mood and energy
  • Eliminates the need for equipment or facilities (your body weight is the equipment)

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Self Care in the New year

Self Care, 2017, Acupuncture, New Year Resolutions, Goals

As 2016 comes to a close, we look forward to a clean slate and new potentials

Self Care, 2017, Acupuncture, New Year Resolutions, Goals

Many people enjoy keeping with the tradition of making New Year Resolutions. These yearly resolutions are wonderful because they allow us to be mindful of the gifts of both time and self-agency. The transition encourages us to re-assess our lives, be grateful for what we have, and then attempt to improve upon our shortcomings to better ourselves.

Unfortunately, many get into the new year almost expecting to fail at their goals. Fortunately, acupuncture is on your side when it comes to self care in 2017! There are several ways acupuncture supports your new year goals no matter what they might be. For example, the most common new year resolutions are some variations of losing weight or getting fit, eating healthier, decreasing stress or increasing mindfulness, and quitting smoking. Acupuncture can help support all of these goals and more.

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Lose Weight Naturally

lose weight naturally

Lose Weight Naturally with the FIT WELLNESS NOW Program

Lipotropic injection for weight lossLosing weight is a side effect of feeling healthy and having increased energy.  At Fit Wellness Centers in Ballard, physicians take a holistic medical assessment where you are at with your health. Then we match your goals for losing weight, and maximize your body’s ability to handle stress, improve sleep, and encourage a functional digestive system allowing you to lose weight naturally.  We make it as easy as possible for you keep your body moving and feeling well with a customized weight loss plan that fits your schedule and needs to lose weight naturally.

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Natural Anxiety Treatment in Seattle

Natural Anxiety Treatment

Natural Anxiety Treatment

Naturopathic Physicians are uniquely capable of supporting patients with natural anxiety treatment methods as primary care physicians. Utilizing the same methods for assessing anxiety, providing appropriate referrals to counselors, but also integrating several areas of medicine to treat a patient holistically from the beginning.

At Fit Wellness Centers, licensed Naturopathic Physicians counsel patients about understanding their anxiety triggers. Reestablish the mind body connection, and help create an environment for a patient to recover from periods of anxiety, or stress to the nervous system. Allowing you to recover from the consequences on health this has on the body over time, to digestion, weight gain, headaches, fatigue, and more.

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Chinese Herbs Enhance Digestion during the Holidays

How Chinese Herbs enhance digestion

Welcome back! Last week we featured how Acupressure improves digestion during the holidays. This post features how Chinese Herbs enhance digestion so you can better enjoy dinner festivities.

Digestive Tea Recipe:

A post-meal tea of Ginger, Cinnamon and honey is delicious and soothing to an overindulged stomach. Since Ginger tea is readily found at grocery stores nowadays, you can choose to purchase pre-made Ginger Tea and simply sprinkle in some cinnamon and add a touch of honey to taste. If you’d like a recipe from scratch, we have included one below. Feel free to use it as a guideline and adjust to your own desired taste with other herbs.

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