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Fit Wellness Center’s provides several health services to members of the Olympic Athletic Club community. We encourage you to stay up to date with several of the health classes, workshops, and services we offer through our email sign up or keep up to date with our events on social media.


Olympic Athletic Club

Check out our Monthly Lecture series at the Olympic Athletic Club! Additionally Olympic Athletic Club Members can receive special promotions throughout the year, including savings on Vitamin Injections, Classes, and more!

6 Week Weight Loss & Management Class:
Tuesday & Thursday Nights
Next 6 week class starts Jan 5th, 2017 6:30-7:30pm

Each week is spent on one of the following topics: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, Stress Management, Blood Sugar Control, and Maintenance in a small group setting.

Cost $249 $199

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Mind Body Medicine 4 week Series

Learn how Biofeedback & Mind Body Medicine techniques can bring about an improves sense of well being and improve your ability to change how you react to stress in your daily life. This small group 4 week series introduces Mindfulness, PMR, Autogenic Training, and Breath Training.

Cost $199 $149

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Spinal Adjustment Intro Special

Includes Exam, Postural Assessment, Therapeutic Stretching, Heat Pack Application, Spinal Adjustment, and Kinesio Taping as needed for treatment

Cost $49.99

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Acupuncture Intro Special

Includes Intro Exam, and Treatment

Cost $49.99

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Meet Fit Wellness Centers Acupuncture Providers:

Phonexay Lala Simon - Ballard Acupuncturist and Chinese M

Phonexay Lala Simon, EAMP LAc

Tyler Martin Acupuncturist in Ballard Seattle Washington at Fit Wellness Centers

Tyler Martin, EAMP LAc

Meet Fit Wellness Centers Naturopathic Physicians:

Andrew Simon, Ballard Naturopathic Doctor at Fit Wellness Centers

Andrew Simon, Naturopathic Physician, Board Certified Biofeedback

Claire Zimmerman, Naturopathic Physician

Claire Zimmerman, Naturopathic Physician, Registered Herbalist

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