Seattle and Sitting 

Seattle has seen a boom in many things in the past decade and our identity as a city is still shifting. One surprising change is that we have become the second most sedentary city in the nation, behind only Washington D.C according to a recent Seattle Times article. So what does this mean for Seattle and its sitting residents and how do we stay healthy and active?


Luckily, we are fortunate enough to live in one of the most beautiful and activity rich areas in the country. Seattleites are combating their sedentary workweeks with weekend excursions into the woods and the water, as it should be! Unfortunately, people underestimate the deleterious effects of the weeklong sedentary pattern. This kind of pattern leads to habitual muscle contracture that becomes hard to undo. Often patients come in blind-sided when they suddenly pull a muscle or “tweak” something while on a hike, performing a simple working out, or just waking up one day. Not to mention prolonged sitting increases your risk for obesity, metabolic disorders, cardiovascular disease, and cancer!


The great news is that Seattle is a haven for wonderful preventative therapies! We will help you survive a sedentary job and maintain optimum health and wellbeing so you can enjoy the beautiful Pacific Northwest.


Staying FIT and Healthy

At FIT Wellness Centers, we offer acupuncture, massage, and physical medicine therapies such as spinal manipulation. Our therapies will help you maintain activity-ready condition. But if you find yourself suffering an acute injury, you can come come in and we can get you back in the game, although we highly recommend coming in before that happens.


Acupuncture is known to improve circulation to the muscles so they can better repair and recover from the contracture of sedentary patterns. Our Tui Na massage technique helps to release adhesions and change the muscle tissue so they recover to their functional state. Increased circulation to the organs help them function better and reduces your risks for disease.


Massage is a well-known relaxing therapy to help muscles and the mind de-stress. Spinal Manipulations and other Physical Medicine therapies help you figure out where your are off balance then re-train your body back into a state of balance and strength so it is less vulnerable for injuries.

Helpful TIPS

Finally, some tips from us to you:

  1. Take breaks often just to walk around or to the water cooler- even hourly if possible. Research indicates that moderate to vigorous activity a few hours a week may not be enough to combat the negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle. So move whenever you can throughout the day to break up the pattern.
  2. Check in with your breathing. Breath holding inhibits oxygen to your muscles and gets them even tighter. Breathe evenly and smoothly when you can and make sure you let your belly relax.
  3. Stay hydrated! Again, water and oxygen are necessary to keep muscles healthy.
  4. Lastly, give us a call and feel better TODAY! We’ll get you ready and healthy for this next weekend’s fun.



To find out more or schedule an appointment, please call 206-582-3469.

Phonexay Lala Simon - Ballard Acupuncturist and Chinese MAbout Phonexay

Phonexay is a life enthusiast and acupuncturist at FIT Wellness Centers. She has a B.A. in Psychology and a Masters of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. In her professional time, Phonexay enjoys teaching and learning from her patients and she is grateful to be a part of their healing evolution. In her personal time, Phonexay enjoys teaching and learning from her toddler son Everett and her husband Dr. Andrew Simon, and she is simply grateful.

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